H. Edward Newman

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H. Edward Newman FRSA, FIBD

12th June 1898 18th November 1979

Photo: Angus McBean

  Text Box: This website is created in memory of my grandfather H. Edward Newman (commonly known as Teddy).  He was a designer and interior designer.  In the 1920s he designed for Arthur Sanderson & Son.  Then from 1929 he worked for The Ideal Home Magazine becoming editor in 1932. Staying with the magazine for a further 31 years.  He took the magazine through the elegance of the 30s, 'Utility' living of the 40s and the 'New World' of the 50s.
This is only a snapshot of his life, I will add to the site as and when I have the time.  A lot of his archive was destroyed in a fire in the 1950s, so if anyone out there has any other information I would love to see it.  I do know that the photographers that worked for him at Ideal Home were freelance and often worked for the other interior design magazines.
If you do have any more information or would like me to help you (if I can) then please email me at;

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